Jack Ma's Success Story

Jack Ma's success story is one that inspires students from around the globe. According to Inc , the 12-year-old Ma rode his bicycle for 40 minutes every day to a hotel near the city of Hangzhou's West Lake district, keen to practice English with the foreign tourists there. Although he failed the entrance exam twice, he eventually attended Hangzhou Teacher's Institute (Hangzhou Normal University) and graduated in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in English.

Jack continued his efforts to raise funds and eventually two companies Goldman Sachs and Soft Bank invested $25 Million in Alibaba Group. Whether you are successful or not, I find that when people finish the job - whether they make a mistake or fail - they always complain to others.

On paper, Jack Ma should not have ascended to one of China's most successful businessmen. Jack Ma has been interviewed hundreds (thousands?) of times and told these same stories many times too. He instilled core values and a global perspective that positively impacted Jack Ma's future and contributed to his personal success.

Alibaba later rolled out Alipay, an online payment service, to facilitate transactions in a country where few people had credit cards. Started in the 1990s to help single people celebrate a sort of anti-Valentines holiday, Alibaba took advantage of the jack ma alibaba sentiment in 2009 by encouraging people to buy gifts for themselves since they don't have a significant other.

Zhang served as president of Alibaba's consumer-focused business unit. Alibaba said the move was required to comply with Chinese regulations, but some financial analysts said the company was paid too little. Well, in the past three months, I was really, not happy when people said ‘Jack Ma is the richest person in China'.

Company lore has it that Ma came up with the name "Alibaba" while sitting in a San Francisco coffee shop. Alibaba thrived partly thanks to Mr Ma's skilful dealings with China's ruling Communist Party, with which he cultivated both closeness and stand-offishness (Love them, don't marry them,” he once said of the government).

From the Alibaba Saga” in Forbes comes a story of Jack Ma's crazy West Coast adventure. Determined to win against eBay, Taobao remained a commission-free marketplace for millions of online traders, putting the fledgling Alibaba under significant financial strain.

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